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Customized Convenience. For You.
Tools and Professional Services for CAD.


Save time importing, organizing and designing.

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Lay out a drawing quickly. Automate what you repeat often.

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CAD Managers

Provide your team with tools they need. When you cannot find the right tool, you can make it easily with ObjectDCL™ or ask us to help you.

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What is DuctiSoft

DuctiSoft is an innovation powerhouse for productivity tools designed for the AutoCAD® environment. Our professional services are key to tailor the tools on display to your needs or to create new ones.

DuctiSoft is also the company behind ObjectDCL™.

What is the Mission

Our mission is to provide the most convenient tools and to turn your home-grown applications into greater tools.

We support this mission by developing and promoting ObjectDCL™ as a world class development platform for building tools dedicated to the AutoCAD® environment that provide productivity gains.