CAD Compatible:
     -AutoCAD 2006 +

OS Compatible:
    -wondows 32 &64bits

   -ObjectDCL extension
Last Version: 14.10.01
What is SWmmCAD?:

SWmmCAD Input for AutoCADŽ uses AutoCAD entities to indicate the various subcatchment areas. It specifies all needed informations who comes from INP RPT and MAP file generated by PCSwmm. Total surfaces, number or tag of the subcatchment areas, piping diameter, flow directions, elevations etc...

SWmmCAD Input for AutoCADŽ also comes with a sample LPK (Language Pack) file. It is a simple text file that can be edited with NotePAD or any other text file editor. Without the file, SWmmCAD interface is in English. You can translate it at your ease.
You can customize SWmmCAD Input for AutoCADŽ to use with any DWG standard specifications: Blocks, Layers, Colors, Linetypes and more.
Moreover, the identifications are dynamic blocks whose properties can be edited. Therefore, SWmmCAD Input can meet your company or customer standards and specifications.

SWmmCAD Input for AutoCADŽ can also regenerate the INP, MAP and RPT files for you.
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