demo 17.090
CAD Compatible:
     -CAD 2008 +

OS Compatible:
    -windows 64bits

    -ObjectDCL extension
Last Version: 19.241
What is BLi?:

BLi is a good replacement of Linetypes allowing to insert any custom CAD blocks into any CAD lines, Plines, Splines, Arcs, Circles, Ellipes, Rectangles etc...
BLi allow to custum many options such as:

- Distance between interval blocks.
- Rotation following line direction, Invert, rotation, or always on specific angle.
- Multicolored blocks .
- Dynamic blocks insertion
- Scale

You can also modify any lines by stretching rotating copying, moving...all attached blocks will follow it attached rules. Very powerful !

Oh...and it's another on our FREE tools !