What is AutoBatch ?

Automatic Batch File Processor
is designed especially for tasks to be repeated on multiple drawings.

Opening a document in AutoCADŽ, running a script and then repeating with another drawing feels like an interminable chore.

This tool can execute your own LISP functions on a batch of files. Ideal for large projects and tight schedule

Automatic Batch File Processor let you pick drawings from multiple folders, in order for you to build your batch to run. It also provides key information about the drawings and templates. This includes the version, the date and who is working on the drawing. A preview of the selected document is also provided.

Automatic Batch File Processor works with drawings (DWG) as well as templates (DWT).
You will save lot of time on using it.

This is also another one of our FREE tool !
CAD Compatible:
     -CAD 2008 +

OS Compatible:
    -windows 32 &64bits

    -ObjectDCL extension
Last Version: 14.10.01